• 1 in every 50 people



    Around the world, 1 in every 50 people is homeless.

  • 10 Cities



    1/3rd of ALL homeless Americans live in just 10 cities.

  • 50%



    50% of foster youth become homeless once they age out of the system.

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Members of the Coalition

Healthy Housing Foundation AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) began HHF to address the growing homelessness epidemic among their patients and the nation as a whole. HHF will provide decent housing units, at an affordable cost, to low income individuals. This includes families with children and those previously unsheltered or homeless. HHF will offer priority placement to individuals living with chronic health conditions, including HIV/AIDS. AHF is committed to expanding the scope of the Healthy Housing Foundation across the country as the need arises.

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Housing is a Human Right

AIDS Healthcare Foundation has launched the Housing is a Human Right project in response to the rising cost of housing and increase in gentrification across California and beyond. The project was developed to directly address the issues of displacement and homelessness among AHF patients. Housing truly is a fundamental human right. We are in a crisis that demands action now.

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Affordable Housing Act
The Affordable Housing Act (AHA) is a proposed ballot measure that will give cities and counties the power to adopt reasonable rent control measures. Right now, the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act prevents these cities and counties from applying rent control to apartments built after 1995. It has the same stipulation for single family rental units and condos. These policies are hurting communities across California. The Affordable Housing Act would repeal Costa Hawkins and bring affordable homes and apartments back to cities and counties in need.

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3 Reasons Why

Leaving a violent situation at home
Left on their own due to death of a loved one whom they relied upon 
Unable to pay rent, therefore left without options